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The road to reaching your best competitive edge can be laden with the pits and minefields of over exertion, joint pain, injury, tendon issues, and other dangers of the traditional track and ground workouts.  Swimming offers a full body workout to achieve the maximum level of fitness and condition that horses need to reach their best fitness level. Equatics Fitness Center offers a variety of fitness and rehabilitation methods to reach maximum potential. Whether your horse needs conditioning, rehabilitation, strengthening, development, exercising, therapeutic healing, mental and/or physical stress releasing, or just improving fitness, we believe that we can 100% satisfy your needs.  We have on-site handlers, trainers, a vet, equine chiropractor, the latest diagnostic techniques and instruments, a dedicated staff, and the desire to help you reach your goals. Hydrotherapy is also finding a valuable place in the post-operative rehabilitation phase. Our facility has a brand new 50 stall training barn, an exercise pool with extensive filtering and current, a salt-water aquatic treadmill, multiple wash racks and drying stations, two hot walkers, 3 vibration plates, a 15 stall intake barn, and trailering options.  We provide RV hookups for extended stays, security cameras, and gated premises. Visit our location at 2715 Franklin Adams in Kingsville, Texas (78363) or our virtual location at